Sales & Marketing

Salcomp works in close cooperation with its customers to ensure efficiency and a high level of customer service along the entire value chain.

  We believe that the main driver in the business is a long-term customer relationship. Therefore, each customer at Salcomp has one key contact person, a Customer Program Manager. CPMs act as full service points for the customer: they are responsible for all customer-related issues, including sales, handling the existing product portfolio and developing new customer specific products together with our R&D.

  To fully serve the needs of our customers, we have established a comprehensive global presence. Our headquarters in Finland are responsible for our European customers and for global sales and marketing activities. In addition, we have presence in North and South America and in Asia.

  In the USA our sales office in Silicon Valley, California is responsible for sales and customer support for our North American customers.

  In South America, Salcomp has a sales office in Campinas, Brazil which takes care of sales and customer service and supports our production plant in Manaus.

 In Asia, the sales and customer service functions are located at our production plants in Guigang and Shenzhen (China) and Chennai and Noida (India) with responsibility for both global and local customers. We also have presence in Taipei, Taiwan, Seoul, South Korea, Tokyo, Japan and Hong Kong to serve and support our customers.