R & D

Salcomp’s R&D focuses on improving the cost and energy-efficiency of power adapters and chargers. Salcomp’s R&D also explores the future of charging technologies and the development of alternative charging solutions, such as wireless charging.

 For Salcomp, one of the most important success factors is our skills and knowledge in demanding product development projects, which are carried out in cooperation with our customers. Salcomp’s R&D knowledge is demonstrated both by its ability to optimize the devices to be designed for mass production and by creating new technological solutions for environmentally friendly charging.

 The special focal areas of Salcomp’s R&D are improving energy-efficiency and lowering stand-by power consumption. A further goal is to develop more efficient and smaller chargers as well as chargers with significantly faster charging times in order to respond to the demand set by increasingly power-hungry smart phones, tablets and notebooks.