Salcomp PLC

Salcomp develops and manufactures

  • Power supplies for mobile and other electronic devices, being a market leader in smart phone chargers.
  • IoT sensors based on Wirepas Mesh wireless connectivity technology, which enables scalable, reliable, and cost efficient IoT solution
  • Precision structural parts and modules, 5G RF parts, magnetic materials, a world leading company in the field of high precision manufacturing.

The cumulative production volume of 4 billion chargers makes Salcomp a pioneer in its industry. The current annual capacity of our production plants is approximately 520 million pieces. Salcomp’s headquarters are in Salo (Finland), and the production plants in Shenzhen and Guigang (China), in Manaus (Brazil) and in Chennai and Noida (India). In addition to these locations, we have offices in the USA, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong. During fiscal year 2019 Salcomp’s revenue was 601 million and the company has approximately 12,000 employees.