Soft Goods

Hard Shell Wrapping Technical Products

  • Phone/Tablet Case
  • Pouches/Carrying Cases
  • Keyboard/Laminate Electronic Products

Apply different materials like leather/silicon/fabric to achieve unique aesthetic look and protect electronic products and optimize the product application function.


Audio Enclosures

  • Smart Home Devices
  • Mobile Speakers
  • Outdoor Speakers

Complete audio enclosure solutions. Seamless look and unique materials with acoustic properties used to create a beautiful cosmetic appearance.


Wearable Accessories

  • Watch Bands
  • Headphones
  • AR/VR Accessories

Apply different materials like leather/PU/fabric to create an aesthetic look, soft touch hand feel, comfortable, light, breathable, also achieve a powerful antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-pollution, and water-resistant properties

Carrying Cases

  • Soft Cases
  • Hard Cases

In-house EVA formed and laminated materials for unique look and feel as well as device protection