Standard chargers –

Fixed output voltage 5-15w

Fast chargers & USB PD power supplies –

Variable output voltage 3,3…20v / 15…100w

Wireless Charging –

Solutions from 5w (qi bpp) to 15w (qi epp) output power with 1 to 4 coils

Power Supply

      -Smart Home
      -Smart Lighting
      -Set Top Box
      -Power Tool

High Power Products

      -PC Power

Salcomp is one of the leading manufacturers of charger manufacturer across the globe. We serve most of the leading mobile phone manufacturers by offering small, environmentally friendly products.

Salcomp has several products / solutions available and we are continuously developing more efficient solutions and in addition to USB PD also other fast charging protocols are developed / supported.

Our continuous improvement is focused on efficiency improvement to enable higher power in small product size. Our power density target in 30W power adapter technology is 20W/inch³ (cased volume).

New technology enablers are GaN and planar transformers together with higher switching frequencies. Also new novel control topologies are verified to further increase power density in the coming future.

Salcomp has developed Qi-based solutions for our customers since 2011 and has been a member of WPC since 2012. All our products meet the energy efficiency directives & requirements.

Salcomp introduced the “first-in-market” multi-coil Qi EPP (15W / fast charging) product in 2017.

Salcomp has also shown one of the first pre-commercial AirFuel products, e.g. in CES 2017.


Typical applications: Basic mobile phones, Cordless phones, Point of Sales devices and Digital cameras. Smart phones, Smart Home & AR/VR devices.